Microwave Ovens Buying Guide

Quick pace and busy life-style made microwave oven a necessary part of kitchen equipment. Their primary task was to warm up and de-frost food in fast and convenient way but as they became more technologically advanced they started to be capable of much more advanced task such as grilling. Our microwave buying guide will guide you through the most popular types of microwave ovens and help you to find one which really suits your cooking needs. Before you choose a microwave think what you intend to use it for. If your needs are really simple there is no reason to buy a robust and very often expensive model full of functions which you will never probably use it. Your needs of course might be bigger and selecting model with extended functionality might improve the comfort of your life.

Think about your budget. Of course buying a solid and robust but often expensive microwave model may be a sound investment but you don’t have to stretch your budget just to get a newest and technologically advanced model. Again, think what your real needs are.

List of things to check when buying a microwave oven:


Don’t forget to check the dimensions of microwave especially if you have limited kitchen space. Appliance can take a lot of worktop space or simply you may struggle to fit it where you planned. You can easily find something adequate for your kitchen and worktop space as the market is full of appliances of any size.


Typical capacity of microwave oven is 17 to 28 litres. Compact microwaves, the most popular type available on the market is adequate for a average sized family. If you happen to have large family choose wider oven with larger turntable. It will let you to warm up more food at the same time.


This useful function prompting user to enter the weight of food you want to warm up. More advanced models let you also to enter the type of food you want to prepare. After you enter required details microwave will calculate the time needed for food to be prepared (or defrost) and set it for you. This function is not something necessary as food manufacturers provide cooking guidance on product labels.

Power (Wattage)

The more powerful microwave oven the faster your food will be warmed up. Standard microwaves are between 700 – 1000 Watts and this power is enough for a daily usage.

Auto Programs

Typical modern microwave has several programs which let you use its functions. Most popular programs are defrosting, cooking and reheating. Other functions depend on model which can have grill or steam cooking options available.


Weight of the appliance is really important only for cleaning purposes. We bet you would like to move your microwave from time to time to clean the surface underneath.

Child Lock

Special lock can stop children from interfering cooking process or don’t allow them to start the microwave. This of course is not a must but can give you a peace of mind.

Heating Category

Depending on the warming up speed microwaves are divided into categories. A is the slowest while E is the fastest one. Majority of modern microwaves have E category. Most of the microwave ovens got a label which displays power and heating category. Label is usually placed on the front of an appliance. Sensor Cooking Some microwave ovens can adjust the power and time automatically depending on food’s moisture. It checks humidity inside the oven and set adequate power and time to ensure the food is cooked properly. Only thing you have to input into microwave’s computer is a type of food you want to prepare and appliance will take care of a rest.

Microwave Interior

Ideally microwave of your choice will have a stainless interior which will help you to maintain cleanness of your appliance. You can always minimise exploding food effects (which make interior dirty) with microwave plate covers.

What type of microwave oven should you choose?

There are 4 popular types of microwave ovens: standard, ovens with grill, combination and built-one. Standard ones are great for simple tasks such as heating up your coffee or warming up your meal. They are great for defrosting and reheating. Go for it if you don’t plan to use microwave for more complex cooking. We believe standard microwaves would suit most of the households as family meals are still being prepared rather in traditional ovens. Microwave with grill gives you all the benefits of standard one but extend its functionality with the ability of browning your food. You can use it as a standalone grill if you wish. Microwaves with grill are equipped with racks for better food placement. They are gaining on popularity as they are fast and in many cases can replace traditional grill. If you have ever thought about buying standalone grill appliance the one combined with microwave might be a good solution for you and your family.

The most robust microwaves are the combination ones which can to some degree replace traditional oven. They are great for heating up your meals, grilling and are capable of cooking. You can switch between options with one press of button or use them all at the same time. It is a great solution for anyone who wants to save time on preparing the meals and maintain their quality at the same time. Built-in microwaves are a great solution for anyone lacking space. Not only they are very practical but also look great improving your kitchen’s design. Unfortunately they cost significantly more than traditional microwaves.

What microwave accessories to buy?

There are accessories you may want to have as they are improving your cooking experience. There are plenty of things available on the market but the most useful items are for sure microwave rice cookers and egg poachers and boilers. Some items such as plate covers will save you from cleaning appliance too often (they can stop all this exploding food pieces). Most of the accessories are rather inexpensive and might extend the functionality of your cooking appliance. Most of appliances available on the market are equipped with useful accessories so you don’t have to worry about buying them.

Microwave Ovens Price Range

Prices of different models vary. It all depends on quality of microwave oven and its type. The cheapest microwaves are the standard ones with prices starting somewhere around £30. Obviously you can buy models for more than £100 but really good quality appliances are available for around £60 - £80. You will pay more if you decide to buy microwave with grill. The difference might be significant however the cheapest models are available from just £50. Combination microwaves will cost you definitely over £100 with £150 - £200 being reasonable price range for this type of kitchen appliance. The most expensive sort of microwaves are the built-in ones. There prices start around £200 and can reach few thousand pounds for the top brand items (such as those from Wolf).

What Brand to Choose?

We recommend you to check microwave’s features and reviews rather than being lead by a brand. However as with any items some manufacturers are instantly associated with high quality. In microwaves world Panasonic, Samsung, Sanyo and Bosh along with LG and Hinari are top players. If you look for a British manufacturer you should try items from Morphy Richards. Most of brands are well known on kitchen appliances market so for sure you are familiar with brands such as Sharp, Cookworks, Whirlpool, Daewoo and Breville. From all manufacturers Panasonic is the most search one at least over the Internet.

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